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Introducing Blippex for Rapportive!

At Blippex we love Rapportive, a tool that helps us since years to get up to date information about the people we are communicating with.

So today we are announcing Blippex for Rapportive!

Blippex for Rapportive Click here to install Blippex for Rapportive

Blippex for Rapportive shows you Blippex search results for every email contact in your Rapportive toolbar, here for example the results for Gerald Bäck, co-founder of Blippex:

Blippex for Rapportive

This makes it easier for you to see for example what are the most viewed pages about this startup where you are subscribed to the newsletter, find famous blogs or comments from friends, etc.

Of course, sometimes the results are strange, but as always with Blippex, install the extension to make it better!

Published on 06 Sep 2013 Let's make search human again Get the browser extension to contribute to Blippex